Nerf invited me to attend the Nerf Blaster Masters event happening this weekend at Jozi X in Bryanston. Bradley wasn’t in the mood, but Connor was oh so very keen. He LOVES anything to do with Nerf guns, and a whole day of them, playing with them, and having fun on obstacles was just heaven to him.

We took a friend with us, but in hindsight (if we’d had clearer info), I would have taken two so that we could make up a team of three. We ended up with a 5 year old on our team who kept wandering off, and he wasn’t strong enough to load the guns… it wasn’t ideal at all.


ToysRUs cleverly had a pop-up shop selling the Nerf guns, and they were making a killing while everyone was hanging around in the sweltering hot sun waiting for their heat slots. There were a lot of guns that the boys hadn’t spotted in the shops yet.


We chilled out in the VIP tent, which was awesome. We were out of the sun and the kids got to play with the Nerf guns, and have a bit of target practice before we hit the obstacle course.

nerfblastmasters-005 nerfblastmasters-006

The kids loved having the choice of which guns to play with… but sometimes it was a bit frustrating because we lost so much time loading them with foam darts before they could actually play.



Skateboarder Jean-Marc Johannes was on top form today, and kids had fun trying to shoot the Nerf guns at his board mid-flight. Glad I managed to get these shots, just after this, he was whipped away for an interview. The boys, who were playing on a course just behind the skate ramp, missed it though, which is such a pity.

nerfblastmasters-011 nerfblastmasters-012 nerfblastmasters-013 nerfblastmasters-014

nerfblastmasters-017 nerfblastmasters-018
The kids favourite part was the water slide down the big hill. By the time we got there, the water Nerf guns had been used by people not in teams yet… but by then the kids didn’t actually care and they just wanted to slide down the slope.

The kids had an absolute blast, and had worked up quite an appetite by the time we left. Every child got a medal at the end, and they didn’t want to take it off at all! That’s a great sign that it was a great day out.

If you’re planning on going to Nerf Blast Masters tomorrow, take a lot of patience with you… it was chaotic! All the heats ran late, in fact, our heat was only the second one and it was half an hour late! So that meant a lot of bored and hot kids roaming around until it was their turn!

Saying that though, it’s an awesome day out with kids and I’ve just seen on Facebook that they still have space available. So, pack some sunscreen… and the kids… and have some fun.