I’ve been challenged by The Glass Recycling Co to recycle my household glass. I know, I should already be doing this. I’ve always thought it was a bit of a mission though and I’m a pretty lazy recycler to be honest.

This week is Clean Up and Recycle week, so it’s an ideal time to start I suppose.


When I first got the information and the little bag to help me start, I thought that we didn’t really use a lot of glass. But thinking about it, we actually do.

Apart from wine bottles, and the odd beer bottle, I definitely have glass jars of pasta sauce that I could recycle every week. And thinking about it some more, coffee and spice jars are glass and so are the jam jars and random sauce jars. So… I reckon it’s a worthwhile exercise.

My parents are really good at it, and my dad has this weekly routine where he takes the glass to the glass bank at Lifestyle Garden Centre and then he goes and wanders around the book shop and has a cappuccino. I think I’ll create a similar routine… it’ll give me a great excuse to have a good cup of coffee!

I’ve already checked out the “Find a glass bank” list on the website, and found a lot of glass banks in my area. It should be easy, if I remember to pack the glass in my car when I drive past one of those places.

I think I’m going have to get a proper bin to put the glass in, because this little bag, although cute, won’t work for our family. When I blog about it again, I’ll let you know what worked and what didn’t.

I’ve explained the concept to the family, so let’s see if we can get it right. I’ve explained about rinsing the glass first and removing lids before putting the glass in the recycling bag. I know I’m going to have to police it for a while, because I didn’t actually realise that you can’t recycle broken drinking glasses and window pane glass. Not that we break a lot of windows, but we do break glasses every now and then.

So let’s see how this goes!

Do you recycle glass?