Oh how I miss Cape Town already! We’ve been back in Jo’burg for over a week, and I’m only getting to editing the photos I took on our little run-cation now. And it’s making me long to go back!

Even though we were running a marathon on the Sunday, I needed to do “stuff”. You know by now that I cannot sit still in one place for very long. There’s no point going away if you’re not actually going to “see” something.

So on the first evening, Hilary was game to come with me for a stroll along the Sea Point promenade. We stopped at the Vida e Caffe, got a cappuccino and went for a walk. It really is quite a spectacular place to stroll… or actually to run, but running was banned for that evening with tapering etc.

I say stroll, but the wind was actually howling, and it was pretty icy. So it wasn’t a gentle stroll 😉

promenade-evening-walk-001 promenade-evening-walk-002 promenade-evening-walk-004

I just loved the stormy pink dusk sky.


I just love all the art works along the Sea Point promenade… from the concrete benches to the iron work along the way.


We stayed in an apartment (booked via AirBNB) close to the promenade and the Sea Point shops… so this was so close for us.

We decided to take a walk to stretch our weary limbs on the Monday before we headed to the airport to catch a flight back home… and decided to walk along the promenade again. This time, there wasn’t much wind and there was a white haze over the ocean.

promenade-morning-walk-001 promenade-morning-walk-003 promenade-morning-walk-005 promenade-morning-walk-007 promenade-morning-walk-008 promenade-morning-walk-009