OK, I promise I’ve just about finished blogging about our Cape Town racecation a few weeks ago. The city is just so beautiful, I cannot help myself! We did some driving around while we were there, and went to a few places I’d never been before. When we drove back into Cape Town from Hout Bay, we stopped for a photo stop at Llandudno beach.

This was the only place I regretted not having a wider angle lens on me. I only travelled to Cape Town with my 50mm lens attached to my DSLR… so landscape photography was a little limiting. I do always like a challenge though.

Seriously though, how gorgeous is this place?


I really liked this rocky outcrop jutting into the ocean.

We were all trying to preserve our legs that day, because the marathon was the following morning, so we really couldn’t explore properly. I would have loved to walk across to the rocks and take some photos there.


When we turned around from where we were standing this was the view behind us. Hmm, maybe I should have tried a panoramic image?

racecation-029 racecation-030

This is the view looking towards Cape Town

I really have to stop there again, and spend more time exploring.

What a seriously gorgeous spot!