It’s been a jam-packed day today, and I’m exhausted, but before I sleep, I need to post some photos from our wonderful morning at the Kamersvol market in Sandton.

It’s the first time that Kamersvol has been held in Sandton, and it’s in a new event venue called “The Galleria” between Sandton and Woodmead.  Actually the market is now called KAMERS/Makers and is on tomorrow again from 9am to 5pm… so if you’re at a loss for plans, I suggest you go 😉

I love going to Kamers… I’ve been to two other markets they hold in Joburg every year, and it’s always worthwhile. I did find however, that this one was decidedly smaller than the other two… and I was disappointed that some of my favourite designers weren’t there this time. But there was also quite a few things I’d never seen before…

kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-001 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-002

Saltare had the best stand in the house! It was situated just as you came in the entrance… so perfect for getting a glass of champers to wander around the market 😉 I had a glass of the Brut Rose. It was so lovely, I should have bought a bottle to take home.


Our next stop was The Chocolatiers… and OMW they had such yummy chocolate. I bought the coffee dark chocolate and dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds.

kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-004 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-005 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-006

I thought this was pretty cool. They’re beaded bra straps that you can connect to your bras… so handy for strappy tops!

kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-007 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-008

Kamers is a great place to spend time with friends. There were 4 of us, and we met up with other friends just as we’d finished our lunch. It’s so awesome to leave the kids and husbands at home and wander around the market.


This was also very cool! They’re wall hanging plant holders. I’m just not sure where I’d put them in my house, but great idea.

kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-011 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-012

This is one of my regrets. City_Ness was the only art place in the market, and I loved their work. They’re depictions of spots around South African cities. I really wanted a few for the house. Oh well, I’ll have to buy them online. Check out their Instagram account for their designs.

kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-013 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-014 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-015 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-016 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-017 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-018
kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-020 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-021 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-022 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-023 kamersvol-market-sandton-2016-024

If you’re going to be going to Kamersvol market in Sandton tomorrow, I suggest you go early to get parking relatively close to the entrance. There are golf buggies to transport you… but still, parking is a bit of a nightmare in that area. We got there just after 10am this morning and it was perfect.

I’ll see you at the November Kamers market in Irene 😉 I love that one… there’s plenty parking and enough space and more stalls to browse and spend money at.

It’s the perfect place to buy Christmas presents… and to spoil yourself of course.