Exams are finished and there are only a few days left of school. In my opinion, the end of the school year could not come faster.

I shouldn’t really rush it, because then I know I’ve got to start preparing for new school books and stationery… oh and the small matter of an entire new uniform for Bradley (he’s going to high school next year).

The last week has been absolutely manic and the madness will only end when school breaks up. I need the break!

Since exams finished last week, there’s been one function after another. The kids are exhausted already, and there’s another week to go.


This is what the kids have been up to this week alone…

  • On Monday Bradley went to Sun City as a Grade 7 outing. Connor spent the morning at a retirement village singing Christmas carols and hosting a tea party
  • On Tuesday Connor dressed like a pirate and they had a pirate swimming party at school. He was very sunburnt, exhausted and in a foul mood by the end of the day
  • On Tuesday evening the school had their carols evening. I dragged the moaning Connor to the carols evening and we had a great time picnicking listening to the kids singing. Afterwards we went for a pizza pasta dinner with friends, so it was a late night on top of the exhausting day
  • Today, Wednesday, Bradley had his school day party and spent the day in the pool getting sunburnt again
  • Tomorrow, Bradley has a day off school and is going to Gold Reef City with his buddies
  • Tomorrow night Connor has his junior primary awards evening
  • On Friday (to Saturday) I’m working 24 hours doing a project at work… and I’ve got to find something to keep Bradley occupied because he has another day off school
  • To make the days longer, I’ve edited up a storm every evening this week after we’ve finished with our events

To top it off, this weekend we have a crazy busy weekend planned in between 2 photoshoots… and I somehow have to sleep to catch up after the 24 hour story.

Next week we have more awards ceremonies and Grade 7 final assemblies etc etc.

And everyone wonders why I have a glass of wine at night 😉 LOL! I’ve also got 9 weeks to go before I run a marathon again and at this point my leg is still problematic! Eeek! I should really blog a bit about my running again too.

If I seem a little bit edgy, you now know why!