I’ve got one more day left of my leave. Time has flown, yet it’s been the quietest holiday I’ve had in years.

Normally, I pack our staycations with outings and activities, and we’re busy from morning to night. This time, however, that hasn’t happened.

We’ve slothed around at home most days. In between cleaning (because Beauty has been on holiday), we’ve swum, read books and played Xbox games. We’ve been to a few movies, gone ten pinning and played adventure golf.

The kids have had a few friends over for hangouts and sleepovers. They’ve also had a few stay-awake-all-night sessions which always means an extra quiet day the following day.

The dogs have been in their elements! We’ve walked them every day. Well, sometimes it’s been a walk, and other times we’ve taken them on 5-6km runs. They’re really going to miss it when our daily normality returns. We’ll have to make a plan and run with them at least once a week.

I’ve started running again! Apart from the dog runs, we’ve been running with Boskruin Running Group and Born2Run on weekends. My legs are still not too happy, but I’m now up to 9km runs. I’ve got to start pushing it now so hoping my legs sort themselves out. I don’t have too much time before I run a marathon again.

I’ve put away my phone for few hours most days, and just been present. Apart from the odd photoshoot, I haven’t even used my DSLR! It’s actually shocking LOL!

Most of my social media peeps haven’t even seen what we’ve been up to, because I’ve been posting the random updates on Instagram Stories, so they disappear after 24 hours. I’ve actually updated my Instagram settings now so that my photos from Stories save to my camera roll immediately so that I don’t actually lose them.

I think this proper break was just what I needed (it’s also what my bank balance needed too!).

One more day… a picnic is planned… and then it’s back to work I go.