This week was a big week in our household. We unlocked two school milestones.

Connor started senior primary and Bradley started his high school career.

I’ll talk about B first because there are no photos. He’s gone from a tiny school with 60 odd Grade 7’s to a government high school with over 300 Grade 8’s. Not only that, but he’s one of only two kids from his old school to go to this school. There’s a lot of newness and strangeness in his life right now.

And he’s handled it beautifully so far! OK, we’ve only got through one day, but still. He got home with a smile on his face… and that is just awesome!

They have a few days of orientation with the school prefects to get to know each other, but nothing hectic like we had to do as kids. School starts properly after that.

Connor’s first day was yesterday and he’s been looking forward to it for weeks! You see the school has the most amazing tradition when the kids move from junior primary to senior primary.

The short walk!

The short walk takes place after the first assembly. The entire school, and parents, line a pathway that goes around the whole school, and leads them to their new classrooms in the senior side of the school.

A bagpiper leads the way, and they follow the headmistress while the whole school cheers them on. It’s not really a short walk… they almost walk around the whole school.

Look at his gorgeous happy face!

It’s such a beautiful thing to see, and the kids absolutely love it! Of course, I always have a tear or two too 😉

It’s also really cool to stand behind the other kids who are cheering them on. The tiny Grade 1’s are in awe of this procession, and the big kids cheer the loudest.

So now that the excitement of the first days are over, it’s time to settle down and start working I suppose.