It’s Connor’s 10th birthday coming up this week, and we celebrated it this weekend with a few friends and family. It was the first birthday that he hasn’t had a big birthday party, and it worked out perfectly.

He wanted to do lazer tag for his birthday this year, and he really wanted to go to Black Ops Lazer tag or Swat Lazer Tag. But then I looked at their websites and there was just no way I was spending that money. Black Ops Laser Tag is R400 PER PERSON! Are they insane? By the time you’ve invited 10 kids, and supplied food and drinks, you’re looking at a tidy sum of money! Swat Laser Tag is R2600 for 12 kids… a lot cheaper, but still, once you’ve added in the food etc, it’s a fortune!

To make things a little more tricky, we had a timing issue because next weekend is the school camp out.

Not to mention that I only managed to get to this planning this week! This meant that we sent out invitations to his 3 friends on Thursday morning!

In the end, this is what we did:

  • We invited 2 school friends to watch a movie with him. Thankfully the new Lego Batman has just started, and none of them had seen it yet
  • The kids came back to our house for cake, swimming fun and a sleepover
  • My parents came for tea… and my mom brought his most awesome Batman cake. It was her famous chocolate cake which is always a hit.
  • Friends came to our house for a braai so we had a house full of people and noise and fun.

I didn’t take that many photos. Stupidly I didn’t take any photos of the kids playing soccer, cricket and swimming in the pool.

Connor got to choose the food he wanted to eat. The dinner menu was:

  • Cherries wrapped in bacon on the braai as a starter
  • Braaied ribs, boerewors and chicken kebabs with salad and potatoes
  • Dessert was ice cream, brownies and a braai baked pudding


By the time everyone left this morning, Connor was in need of a power nap. The boys didn’t get much sleep, we heard giggling for most of the night. They had “slept” on a huge mattress bed that we made up in the lounge.

It was an excellent weekend. Instead of a 2 hour party that cost a fortune, we had a small celebration that lasted the whole night!