I went along to the media launch of the new Nintendo Switch today. It was held at the iStore in Sandton, and it was just an awesome event.

Apart from bumping into some of my favourite bloggers, we got to play on the new consoles in all it’s various forms and on all sort of games. At each gaming station, there were guys readily available to help us work out how the console worked for that particular game, which was really handy considering there wasn’t that much time to get acquainted with the device before being flung into a game with an opponent.

The Switch 1-2 games were really cool to play. They’re mini-games, and you got to play against someone. Each person gets a handheld Joy-Con (cleverly shortened from Joystick/Console), and the aim of the games is that you stare at your opponent while listening to audio cues. This game that Zoe is playing is a shooting game called Draw. You had to wait for the game to shout Fire, and then you lifted your Joy-Con to shoot at your opponent. Such fun!

I really liked all the different forms that the gaming console could take on. You can either connect it to your TV to play on a big screen, or you could play the games directly on the handheld console. The Joy-Cons can be removed, or rather need to be removed in some cases, to play games.

This was one of my favourite games. It’s called Arms, and is basically a boxing/fighting game. You hold both Joy-Cons in your hands while you play this game, and the various controls allow you to jump, move and fight. It was so much fun playing this! Meea and I managed to knock each other out in this game… so we were evenly matched.

Sam and Sharon seemed to enjoy racing against each other playing Mario Kart.

If you look closely in this photo, you’ll notice that Sharon is using a different kind of console. You’re also able to get a Pro Console, which is an old-school looking console.

Sam, Meea and I had a go at Just Dance 2017 too… thankfully I don’t have photos of us trying this one out! LOL! I’m so un-coordinated! As you can see, they’re all holding one of the little Joy-Cons which tracks your movements during this game.

My favourite game however was Splatoon 2. 2 sets of 4 players played against each other, and the aim of the game is to basically cover as much of the game surface area with paint. It was such fun! I got to play it on the handheld console, where some guys were using the TV’s as screens.

So, the question is, would I buy it?

YES! A resounding yes! I think it’s fantastic.

I love that you can use it as a console with a TV, but that it also has a mobile screen and you can use it anywhere. I also really liked the various forms that the console changed into. The console is small and light enough, even in it’s mobile form, for small kids to use too.

I loved the various games that we played too. They’re such fun games, and there’s enough variety to suit young families as well as serious gamer-types.

I do, however, think that this would be an extra gaming console in our house and not the primary one… the kids wouldn’t be able to live without FIFA17 😉

The new Nintendo Switch will be available from 3 March 2017, and is available on pre-order at Takealot right now.