This weekend’s meal time dilemmas made me think about this tweeted poll question from Essentials Magazine a few days ago.

My answer to the question about the thing I’d remove from the parenting equation was “meal time battles”.

My reasoning follows.

The whining and snotty noses doesn’t last for years. However, I do understand why parents have answered like they have, if they have little ones. The whining actually drove me bat shit crazy, especially when I was shopping and they were incessantly whining about getting sweets, or a drink, or a toy or whatever looked shiny and new in the aisle closest to the longest till queues in the world. But that stage is just that, a stage in their lives.

Meal time dilemmas are an ongoing battle.

Deciding what to cook my family is getting me down. It gotten slightly easier as the kids have grown bigger, but food adventures are pretty limited still. I’m tired of it actually.

Listen, I understand that everyone doesn’t like eating every food in the world. But for pete sakes, surely there’s a common ground that isn’t requiring me to cook boring food every week.

Here are a few of the food minefields I have to navigate:

  • Connor only likes pasta when it’s served with a mince sauce, like spag bol or lasagne. Oh yes, and macaroni cheese. That’s it! Yet the rest of us love eating all pasta combinations. If I make a pasta that’s not on his list, he has to have a different meal just for him… what a shlep!
  • Connor also won’t eat tuna unless it’s on toast with cheese!
  • Bradley won’t eat fruit at all. You try putting together a healthy lunch for school every day without adding a fruit! Veggies in a lunchbox are great…  are also limiting because of his braces.
  • Lance won’t eat fish other than hake. None of the boys of them will eat fish cakes, or even try sushi.
  • He also won’t eat pork unless it’s bacon. So when we have schnitzels, I have to cook chicken and pork. I’m longing to make a pork roast with crackling!

Thankfully the boys are getting more adventurous as they’re getting older, so I keep pushing them to try new things. I’m so very thankful that I can now make curries and not have to worry about making something else for them to eat.

Ok I’ve actually also got one food foible… I don’t eat ice cream unless I’m on a beach and it’s an ice lolly 😉 but that’s easily avoided because it’s not a main meal and skipping dessert is actually good for me.

What food minefields do you have to navigate in your house?