So it’s official now. I DNQ for Two Oceans and I’m very bleak about it.

You know already that I’ve been struggling with my hamstring. Two weeks ago I did the Pirates 21km race which goes over Northcliff Hill. In the process, even though I could feel the hammy pulling, I hurt my ITB on the other leg. I went to the physio tent after the race to get a bit of immediate relief and that seemed to work. I didn’t feel it while I trained in the last two weeks.

I was gung-ho yesterday morning at the Vaal Marathon. It was the last possible qualifying marathon, and I was determined to give it my best shot.

It’s supposed to be FLAT and FAST… therefore you’d think EASY.

The race was certainly flat. There were only 2 hills on the circuit actually. But that just makes you work harder IMO. There’s no rest at all, and because there’s no hills you feel kinda silly stopping to walk.

At 10km I started feeling my ITB on my right leg pull. ITB is the band that runs down the outside of your knee. I’ve had this before on my left leg, and I know it means weeks of recovery. By 15km, I couldn’t ignore it anymore and I made the decision to stop at the 21km mark and not to go the second loop. By 18km I was struggling to run already.

So, I stopped. I only did 21km. I did it in a respectable time too. If I’d carried on at the same pace I would’ve finished… however I probably would’ve collapsed in the process and needed medical attention like so many other runners did.

So much for my dreams of breaking a sub-5 hour marathon.

My Two Oceans plans destroyed.


I’m really disappointed in myself. I won’t lie, there were a few tears.

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Just as I was running into the stadium, the winner of the marathon passed me! LOL! He was flying!

When I noticed how many other marathon runners had stopped at 21km, I felt slightly better about myself. Not so alone. Seems I’m not the only one struggling with an injury.

Spent the rest of the morning chatting and supporting running friends

After getting my medal and wandering around a little lost… because the Run Walk for Life tent was non-existant… I met up with Sam and Bronwynne and we waited for everyone else to finish. It was great hanging around catching up on each other’s news… and drinking chocolate flavoured Steri-Stumpies because that’s the BEST way to recover from a race.

Everyone seemed to have a tough time, it wasn’t just me. No one I know finished in the time they were hoping for. It also didn’t help that it was stinking hot and hellishly humid too.


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So now what?

Now I go back to the drawing board I suppose. I think I need new shoes. I’m going to have to get physio on my legs, or go and see Mike at SBR Sport to fix the immediate problem.

I’ve put up my 56km entry for substitution. I can’t run the race. I’ll be supporting my friends on the day of the race now, and taking the boys with me. It’ll be a fun day!

I’d really like to run the 32km Cradle race with Sam, so I need to run again pretty soon.

And lastly, I’m going to have to really do something to get stronger, and work on my speed so I can qualify for next year.