Karen and I went adventuring in Jozi today. Today’s idea was to spend the day hanging out at Neighbourgoods.

Neither one of us had actually been there before. You’re probably quite surprised to read that, if you’re a regular reader of my blog. I’ve been to most gems in the city, but Saturdays are normally chaotic and I’ve never been able to get there. Karen mentioned a few days ago that she’d never been, and I forgot about the soccer I was supposed to go and photoshoot in the afternoon… and decided that today was a good day to make a plan like that.

Today was in fact, more than chaotic, but we made it! We actually got to the market, and I loved it!

If you’re not in the know, Neighbourgoods is a market in Braamfontein that operates on Saturdays. It’s on Juta street and is surrounded by cool coffee spots, awesome eateries and a few popular night spots.

The market is filled with food artisans and the most amazing stalls selling such yummy food and drinks.  Then you go upstairs onto a deck section where everyone shares long bench tables, and listens to fabulous local music and wanders around a few retail stores.

This guy’s stall was just as you walked into the market and his cabanossi and hams were incredible! I regret not buying some to take home.

Bee Sweet Honey is from an organic honey farm in the Free State. It was so very yummy, I couldn’t resist it. I came home with a jar. It was a toss up between the clear normal looking honey and the milky honey… it was a really tough call.

This seafood paella was a hit! By the time we came back down the stairs to find food, it was gone!

You know I can’t resist a glass of wine, and the glass of red I had was so good that I went back to buy a bottle of the Lazanou Syrah blend.

Karen spotted the champagne, and decided that was a much better idea. If you’re wondering what she’s doing on her phone… she’s using Snapscan to pay for the glass. It was awesome not to have to carry cash, and pay for everything with Snapscan.

Then we went upstairs… and Jo Tomlinson was singing to the crowds. Wow! I’ve never heard of her before, but man, I do love her music. I see she’s got an EP available on iTunes.

We wandered through the retail part of the market and spotted this stall selling handmade brass jewellery. I really loved the stories behind Negritude’s jewellery and bought a pair of earrings from her.

Aren’t these bowls amazing? They’re made out of wire.

We wandered back to the deck and stood listening to Jo Tomlinson’s indie style music until her set was over… and then went hunting for some food.

We eventually decided to get fish and chips from MoJo Experience… and it was so delicious.

Karen ended her lunch with a chocolate brownie gelato.

I’m definitely going to be going back! I found the market to be more “local” than Maboneng’s market… that seemed to have become more touristy. However, I do prefer the fact that there’s more places to explore in Maboneng.