We’ve just got home from exploring Maboneng with my 50mm lens. I really haven’t gone and explored the city in a while, and I was feeling so restless this morning. Luckily L felt like an outing, so we coerced the kids into the car and went adventuring.

We haven’t been there in a while so it was fabulous to see how the area has grown and more blocks have been transformed. I particularly loved the blocks filled with container structures that house restaurants and retail spaces.

How cool is this? She runs sidewalk guitar lessons for free! The kids were in their element, and some of them were playing pretty nicely.

See that foodtruck behind the boys? We had the most amazing milkshakes from Cocobel.

I just loved the container buildings on the one block.

I’m sure it won’t be long before someone snaps up this gorgeous old building and revamps it.


I’m so glad someone has revamped this gorgeous old beauty. There’s a restaurant on the bottom floor of this building now. The Cosmopolitan Bar and restaurant was opened by the chef from The Cube! I really need to try that one day.

Next time we go, I’m sure that green container building will be finished. We found the designs as we wandered through MOAD (Museum of African Design), it’s going to be a residential and retail block.

How cool is this mockup of Maboneng that is in MOAD at the moment.

I really do love all the facets of Maboneng… the ancient gorgeous buildings, the art that’s everywhere you look and then the new design elements.

This is such a clever space between buildings. It’s filled with steel statues and wires and lined with benches. Just perfect to sit and eat your food from various stalls.

You cannot go to Maboneng and not visit the Sunday market at Arts on Main.

Connor ordered a yummy butter chicken rolled roti from this stall.


It’s such a vibey place to spend a few hours on a weekend… just perfect to park your car, wander around and take in all the sights, sounds and smells of Johannesburg.

I really want to go back soon. There are blocks I haven’t seen yet, and are just begging to be explored.