You can’t go to Braamfontein and not take a walk across Mandela bridge.

Some of the best views of the Johannesburg CBD are to be found from the Mandela bridge, yet I know so many people who haven’t tried to venture there yet! I love walking across it.

So after our trip to Neighbourgoods Market, I took Karen to see the sights. Even though she’d run over the bridge a few times on a few races, she’s never walked across it and taken in the views properly.

I had been planning an engagement shoot for later that afternoon on the bridge, and I also wanted to check whether it was safe or not… I’d heard stories about it becoming unsafe. Well, we felt fine, and there were no unsavory characters around.

Midday is definitely not the best time to be there though, because of the heat! OMW the sun was beating down, and we all know that the middle of the day is really the worst time for photos. I also didn’t have the best lens on me for this… so the beautiful panoramic view of the city is really lost. I was using my 50mm lens again.

In fact, we should have walked across the whole thing and not stopped half way!

I really need to go back there at sunset, with a proper wide angle lens and do the view some proper justice.

Next time you go to the market, walk the extra 2 blocks and experience the city properly… you won’t be sorry.