If you follow me on Facebook and other social sites, you’d know that I am the official photographer (under my photography business name) for this year’s Kamers market at St Johns College in Johannesburg. Most of my photos are being published on Kamers Facebook page.

I was thrilled to get asked to be the photographer this year. If you read this blog often, you’d know how often I’ve been to the Kamers markets. I’ve blogged about it a few times. I missed the St Johns market last year for some reason though.

I went to the opening charity moonlight market on Tuesday night, and then again yesterday to take photos. It really was quite a treat to go twice, and I really spent more time yesterday chatting to stall owners etc. The setting is so magnificent in this old school. You cannot beat the feel of St Johns as a venue. Kamers have used more of the school this year, which is fantastic because there’s just so much more space and you don’t feel like you’re on top of other people all the time.

Anyway, on to the more important topic of shopping! There are so many things to see at the market, and I’ve chosen the 5 that really stood out for me. It was a tough choice though, that’s for sure!

Limited prints from Paperbackstore

Now the 2 ladies that do this beautiful art have got quite a story behind their business, and I absolutely loved their work! The range I’ve taken a photo of, is a range of limited edition prints. They’re etched designs of animals and flowers on card. The card is placed into another card which you are able to write a message on. The artwork can then be removed to frame. My favourites were the aloes and proteas, but the artist told me that the top sellers were the dung beetle and the wild dog!

They started their business in November last year and printed a few paper placemats. Those are stunning too! She mentioned that she’d drawn the figures based on people she’d seen on a beach. The placemats sold out, and they printed more and now have a whole range of things that they’re selling. I just love their story!


Hand embroidered fabric and leather bags – Barok by Merle Payne

Merle Payne makes these gorgeous bright bags, under the brand Barok. Her stall is in the same hall as Famke and Jane Sews.

As I was contemplating how to take photos of the bags, the designer from the next door stall came to gush about the bags. He told me about this new business, and how amazingly these bags are made. Everything is done by hand. The embroidery. The hand stitching on the hand-cut leather pieces. And not to mention the insane detail that’s not only in the front of the bags, but also on the back! None of the bags have the same design on the front and on the back.

Sometimes I really think it’s a pity that people zip through these markets and don’t stop to listen to the stories behind the work they’re looking at.

Imprinted silver jewellery by Foundri

There were quite a few jewellery designers at Kamers, but this guy stood out for me this time. I’ve actually been eyeing out the Foundri earrings online for a while, but now that I’ve heard how he makes them I really want a few pieces. He takes leaves and pieces of interesting bark to make a mould. He then uses this mould to make his pieces of art.

New designs at Michelle Ludek

Michelle Ludek is easily my most favourite designer at the moment. I’ve got 2 of her dresses and I absolutely LOVE wearing them. She’s brought a few new winter styles to Kamers, and I’m so very tempted to buy one.

Baobab oils in Skin Creamery

My skin has gone to pot again, so I’ve been wondering what skin range to move to. This one sounds like a plan after listening to the Skin Creamery team tell me about their products yesterday.

The feel and the smell of this cream that you can use on your face and body, is absolutely lovely. I also like that it’s not a complicated range, and they only have a few products that work as a full skincare regime. The fact that it’s organic and completely natural is a bonus. It’s also really reasonably priced!

The Kamers market at St Johns is on until Sunday. With the holiday today and a whole weekend ahead of you, you really should be able to make a plan to go.

Things you must do while at the market:

  1. Get a glass of champagne (or red wine) from Saltare as you walk in
  2. Find lunch from the food stalls or a bottle of olives to take home
  3. Buy macarons!
  4. Get a glass of gin from Pienaar and Son
  5. Go on the school tour around the grounds
  6. Get a cup of coffee from Red Truck Coffee Roastery before you leave

And most importantly, take in the gorgeous surroundings as you shop :). It’s the perfect way to spend a day with a few friends! I’ll see you there on Saturday, I’m going again with my mom and some friends.