You always have to find the time to take a long drive along the scenic roads around Cape Town. This year we finally got to drive to Cape Point. The kids hadn’t been there yet, even though we’d driven past a few times.

This year, we were clever about the idea. We got there early and chose a day during the week where there were no public holidays. It was the right plan, because there wasn’t a queue at the gate when we got there, unlike the long snaking queues when we left a few hours later.

You could actually spend a whole day there, we’ll definitely do that the next time we go. We’ll pack a picnic basket and plenty of drinks the next time. We hadn’t planned all that well, and weren’t prepared for the long queues in the only cafe in the reserve.

It’s a very long, hot climb from the parking area to the lighthouse at the very top. There is a lift system that you can use, but the tour buses were hogging it… and we actually preferred the walk option.

I wish I’d taken a longer lens. There were surfers in that little bay, and so many people walking on all the trails that were snaking around the reserve.

We stopped quite a few times on the hike up the hill to catch our breath. Connor was feeling a little unbalanced with his arm in a sling so he needed the breaks. No-one minded though, because the views were stunning!

The views of False Bay were incredible once we got to the top.

It was really very windy up there.

On our drive back, we stopped at one of the monuments to take a look. This is the Da Gama cross and stands on top of a hill. You’re able to see the smaller Dias cross from this monument too.

I found the story of the monuments so interesting. The monuments are painted black in the direction of the bay. Ships are then able to navigate around Whittle Rock in the sea by lining up the two beacons and the other beacon which is in the Simons Town. They’re painted black so that they appear as silhouettes. So clever!

It really is quite a gorgeous place to spend the day. Just remember to pack food and drinks so that you don’t have to face the queues.

There’s hiking trails (which I know a few people run on), shipwreck sites, picnic spots… and of course the lighthouse to visit. So much to see and do! We’ll definitely go back again to see more of it.