When we go to Cape Town, we try to visit places that the kids haven’t seen yet. We decided to have lunch at Rhodes Memorial on our first day for that reason.

L and I had been there a few times. In fact I used to drive there regularly just to sit and take the view in, when I used to travel often for work before the kids were born. I just love going there, just not sure why we haven’t taken the kids there yet!

I’ve just seen quite a few reviews for the restaurant so we really wanted to try it. And we weren’t disappointed at all. It’s a stunning place to spend a few hours with a gorgeous view. We saw a few people picnicking in the gardens, so that’s also an option.

The memorial was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and Sir Francis Macey. I love the columns and the massive lions looking out over Cape Town. If Connor’s arm wasn’t in a cast, I’m sure he would’ve been trying to get as close to the lions as possible.

Connor can never stand still anymore… he makes me smile a lot!

C was giving me the the heebie jeebies sitting here. The drop was immense, and I could just imagine him tumbling down. I think the fact that he’d broken his wrist so recently made me want to wrap him in cotton wool this holiday. I really had to force myself to just let him explore like he normally would have.

They only let me take them to one place on the first day… we spent the rest of the day on the beach.