OK back to some of our Cape trip stories. We spent a day in Franschoek, which is about an hour’s drive from Cape Town and visited three wine farms.

But before I get there, how amazing is this view? You have to take a drive up Franschoek Pass when you go to the town, and stop at one of the lookout points. It was a really cloudy day, but I do love the moodiness.

A cellar tour at Haute Cabriere

Haute Cabriere was the first wine farm we visited, because I’d heard about the cellar tour you could go on at 11am. The wine shop and the cellar is set into the hill which is not what I expect from a wine farm.

The cellar tour was really interesting. They use a gravity method to make the wine. Well, actually, they’d prefer to be known for their MCC, not their wines. I was a little surprised at that, because the only wine I really know from them is the Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir. That happens to be one of the few white wines I’ll drink.

I was also surprised at the size of the vineyard, I would have thought it was bigger. Those oak barrels are the only ones that they use to make their wines. I expected loads more purely because I know how popular their wine is.

The story about the wine is also interesting. One year, the grapes were ready for picking when the workers were still on Christmas holidays. So when they were eventually picked, the winemaker had to make another plan, and came up with the Chardonnay Pinot Noir wine idea. It was supposed to be a once off, but because it was so popular they’ve been making it since then.

It really was worthwhile doing this short little tour as part of our day. Next time I go to the Cape I’ll have to find another wine farm to visit like this.

Wine tasting at La Motte

La Motte was by far the prettiest wine farm we visited… well to me anyway. I loved the old school Cape Dutch buildings and the amazing gardens. It’s a pity that we went on a Monday, because the Pierneef restaurant and gallery were closed.

I did a tasting all on my own at this farm. L’s wine farm limit is one per day, so he wasn’t interested in more wine.

I absolutely LOVED the wines! Even though they have so many whites, my preference is red wine so that’s what I stuck to. Of course I came home with a few bottles 🙂

Wine tasting at Moreson

Then we went to Moreson. We met up with our friends Jolene and Johann for a wine tasting there. Now I’d really like to go back to this place, and have lunch at the restaurant. I love the relaxed atmosphere!

We tasted a MCC, as well as a few red wines. I really enjoyed the Moreson Solitaire, so I got a bottle to celebrate the race. I also came home with a few bottles of Mata Mata.



It really was an awesome day for me. To be fair though, the kids were bored out of their minds! We were trying to get to the Motor Museum, but it was too late by the time we left Moreson. They really weren’t happy with me.