I’m not actually too sure how I got invited to the Autumn Winter launch of the Woolworth’s Trenery range in Rosebank this evening… but I’m sure glad I was.

Sam and I went along to the evening function that was held in the Atrium on the Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank. What a fabulous event! We don’t often get to go to evenings like this, so we really did enjoy ourselves.

From the champagne and wine to the canapés and the amazing decor, it really was quite a treat to be there. And then the fashion show started! I really did love quite a lot of the clothing that we saw. Not everything. There were a few pieces that didn’t appeal to me at all.

In fact, Woolies was pretty clever about this whole thing. In the invitation, we were asked to send our mobile numbers if we wanted to buy from the runway. As soon as the last model walked down the runway, we all got SMSes with the link to the page on the website to buy the clothes!

Timeless and modern are such apt words to describe Trenery, now that I’ve seen a whole collection. To be honest, I really haven’t spent much time in that section of Woolies. Now however, I think I will. Maybe it’s worth spending a bit on a few choice items every season.

Above our heads was the most gorgeous art installation called Seven Looms by Lisa Grobler. There were seven pieces strung with merino wool, mohair and cotton. In an atrium that was pretty dark, the white pieces were quite beautiful.


I really did like the look of all the tailored pants we saw, and I really NEEEED some of the gorgeous jackets too!

Oh I really did like this outfit. I really do love the green silk blouse (it’s so me), and the Darcy pumps.

If I’d seen this dress in the shop, I wouldn’t be too keen on it… but I really need it after seeing it on a model tonight. It would be perfect for work… and it has pockets!

The Trenery designer, Jane Grimme, spoke to us for a bit about her collection.

I really did enjoy the evening. It was fabulous to do something different.

Thanks for the invitation, Woolies, I hope I get to go to another one…