We always have one night in the Karoo on the way home from Cape Town. Our favourite place to stay on the way home is Kuilfontein Stable Cottages outside Colesberg. I’ve blogged about this place a few times actually, but I love it so much and I always find new things to take photos of anyway.

This time we stayed in the Paddocks. They are self-catering cottages on the same farm as the main lodge. The cottages are amazing and just perfect for the four of us. Our friends stayed in the cottage next to ours this time, and we had a braai the night we stayed over.

I know I said the cottage was self-catering, but one of the reasons we love staying there is the food. We ordered braai packs for our evening meal, and there was so much food! We got 2 lamb chops, a sosatie and boerewors per person. The salad arrived already made and it was divine! The green salad also had a few slivers of plum and nectarine in it, which made it so very yummy.

It was rather chilly that evening, but the cottages were so toasty and warm and the thick down duvets were just so very comfy. It really is the perfect place to sleep over.

Of course, we walked around the farm in the afternoon to see what we could see. I tried really hard to get closer to the cows, but they weren’t interested in me at all.

There’s something so very special about the browns of the Karoo landscapes.

The whispery grasses shimmering in the late afternoon light were just asking for photos.

This was the view from our cottage… so so very beautiful. We all went outside after supper to watch the stars… it was incredible to see the milky way so clearly. So very different to our city skies.