A few days ago, I was lucky enough to get invited to the launch of Wellness Warehouse in Clearwater.

The event made full use of the cafe in the store and we were well fed with wraps, muffins and other goodies. I really did enjoy the cappuccinos so if anything, I’ll be stopping at the store soon for a coffee!

I didn’t actually realise how much was in Wellness Warehouse. They don’t just sell ranges of natural vitamins and a few natural long life food items after all!

From their website:

You’ll find everything you need for diabetic and other special diets, supplements and natural remedies, organic baby and family care, sports nutrition, natural beauty products, books, exercise gear, and more.

Down each aisle of the shop, various suppliers had set up a table for us to try out their goodies and ask questions. I tasted the most amazing gluten free banana loaf, ate dried fruit, scoffed on chocolates, tried out skincare products and sampled race bars. Rain even had a station where they were massaging the bloggers! It’s a pity it was always busy 😉


The event was co-hosted by Zandos  and they had a range of fitness clothing items on display. It was so very tempting to buy a few new running items! I didn’t actually realise the extent of their sports gear on their site.

Sulphur free dried fruit

Gosh I was so thrilled to stop at this table of goodies! I have struggled for years to find sulphur free dried fruit.

Just Peachy is a Johannesburg-based company that supplies Wellness Warehouse. They make a range of dried fruit, nuts, granolas and other snack products. Their entire range is preservative, sulphur, man-made chemical and sugar free! The woman that started the company said that her son is allergic to all man-made chemical compounds. She developed this range for him, so she’s really quite pedantic about what goes in her products.

Super foods

Wellness Warehouse stocks a wide range of food that have super foods as part of the ingredients. One of the brands is called Superfoods, and they had a table in front of their range of products.

I was really impressed with their chocolate. The chocolate includes flavours like Maca, Goji berry and one with super herbs. Apparently if you eat the small slab of chocolate with herbs when you’re just getting over flu, your sore throat will disappear! There was another slab that was excellent for hormonal imbalances. Seriously, chocolate as medicine?! I’m sold!

I’m also quite intrigued by their range of shakes. To be fair though, I really don’t use any of these powders (like baobab, hemp, spirulina and maca) so I wouldn’t know what do with them if I bought them. Then I spotted that they have a recipe book too. They also have a newsletter that regularly includes recipes, so if you’re like me and have no clue then it may be an idea to sign up to it.

And to top it off, even their packaging is biodegradable! She was telling me that the foil used to wrap the chocolates are even biodegradable.


In the very last aisle, I came across Mark Wolff from 32GI training one of the store’s salespeople about his product. Now I’ve seen this product in Dischem and Lance has tried it during marathons, but I thought it was pure chemical nonsense. I was really surprised to see sports nutrition and supplements in the shop. Not sure about you, but I’ve always thought of them as very unnatural products.

Well, overhearing the conversation made me stop in my tracks. 32GI is safe for vegans and diabetics. They only use natural products to make their supplements. They are gluten, soya, egg, GMO and lactose free. I got to taste all the race foods while I was there. I’m struggling to find something to eat during a race that isn’t sweet. I think I’ve found it now! I’m definitely going to try out their race bars now. The one I liked the most was the chocolate and coconut bar, it’s not sweet at all!

Even their gels and the caffeine shots are natural, which is amazing! They’re made from a rice extract.

Mark’s little chat to me about running, injuries and nutrition was just what I needed to hear. So I’m back on the marathon training train again 😉

I was really impressed by the store and the cafe. I’ll definitely be popping back to shop a bit, and I’ve now also discovered their awesome online shopping website!

Disclaimer: Although I was invited to attend the event, I was not asked to blog about my experience.