I’ve just had a moose and a onesie made as a gift for my sister and her hubby. You see, they’re having a baby in a few weeks time and they call the baby “Moose”.

Now a baby item with moose detailing is really, really impossible to find in South Africa. It’s not the most obvious cute and cuddly animal and you definitely don’t find them in Africa! So after thinking about what I was going to buy them for ages, I had a brainwave. Get something handmade!

The joy of being a blogger for 10 years is that I’ve built up a network of some amazingly creative people. I contacted two of them, and got the most amazing items made for her.

I got the final item delivered this morning, and I delivered them to Elaine tonight. She loves them all! So I can finally show you all what I’ve been talking about for ages!

Moonlight Moosette

Tracey-Leigh launched a new online decor shop called ten.eleven.twelve a few months ago. Part of her range included a range of prints and cards called Moonlight Fox and I fell in love with the design. I also knew from her personal Instagram feed that she did commissions of artwork. So I contacted her via Instagram and asked her to paint a moose for me with a similar style to Moonlight Fox, but more feminine.

It was so exciting watching her progress on Instagram Stories! I should really have asked her to save the videos of her painting, I would’ve liked to send that to Elaine. But I was stressing that Elaine saw them, so I checked over and over again to make sure that my sister wasn’t following her Instagram accounts.

Her name “Moonlight Moosette” is just perfect.

Isn’t she gorgeous?! Don’t you love her long eyelashes? And her dainty toes? Everything about it is just perfect.

It’s Moose’ first original artwork, painted especially for her.

Moose onesie

I’ve been eyeing out Mandi’s shop Mandimadeit on Facebook for ages waiting for an opportunity to order something from her.

Mandi makes customised t-shirts and babygrows. You can either choose from an image she has on her page, or you can ask her to design something. I asked her for a babygrow with a moose. Thankfully she thought the idea was cute. She sent me 3 variations of phrases and I just loved this one.

I think I’ll keep ordering stuff for my niece as she grows up. Custom t-shirts are so very special, and Mandi’s designs are gorgeous!

Baby Sleepy oil

Mandi’s other business is Milleni-Oil Rollers. Again, I’ve been eyeing out her range. Mandi added this awesome roller in the package, and I’m thrilled that Elaine gets to try it out.

It’s made from essential oils and you roll the roller along the baby’s spine and under their feet after a bath. This roller is to help your baby sleep.

She has a few different types of rollers, and she’s just launched a “Momergency kit” which is a set of 6 rollers designed for kids ages 2-12. It’s such a cool concept, and I’ve heard from friends that the rollers work like a charm! It’s worth trying out. You can find more information on her Facebook or Instagram page.