B started playing rugby this year, and we’ve had just finished a rugby Saturday season. It’s meant getting up early every Saturday to get him to matches at schools around Johannesburg. It’s also meant no running on Saturdays which is our normal routine.

His team hasn’t had the best of luck this season, but by the end they were really playing very well. 90% of the team had never played rugby before, so this entire season was such a learning curve for them.

You know what they say about parents on the side of the field? Well, today we lived up to it. We were screaming at the ref! This guy was worse than the refs we’d experienced the whole season and didn’t seem to understand the rules of the game at all. The score definitely didn’t reflect the game they played.

But, nothing you can do. Next year will be a better season.

You’ll be surprised to read that today was the first time I took my camera out. I’ve just been using my phone and Instagram Storying the rugby. But I decided I needed proper photos and I’m so glad I did. I just love the fierceness in their faces.

It was also really cool to play with sport photography for a change. It’s a challenge to get the moment captured properly.

I have absolutely loved seeing B thrive playing with his team. He’s just got better and better every week. I’m so proud of him actually.

Thankfully the only injuries B’s had this rugby season are pulled hamstrings and a bruised face.

You know, I never expected to enjoy watching the kids play rugby. It’s not something that I thought I’d be doing every Saturday. I know, you need to support your child with everything they do… but I just thought it would be Lance doing the schlepping. I didn’t expect it to be a family affair. But I’ve enjoyed it so much! Connor has come along to every match and tried out the boerie and bacon rolls. My parents have joined us when the matches have been at his school because it’s close.

It’s really been awesome sipping mostly bad coffee and shouting from the edge of the field.

I’m hoping that he joins a rugby club now so that he gets to carry on playing through the off season. But that’s entirely his choice.