Oh hi dear blog, long time no write. You can always tell I’m struggling with something when my blog is silent. Apart from pure busy-ness, this time my problem is my running mojo.

I’ve been struggling for months, and it’s really getting me down. After the hamstring debacle solved itself, my foot decided it doesn’t like me. Apparently I have plantar fasciitis. Meh. It’s crap.

I’m in constant pain. It’s OK when I’m running and if I’m wearing running shoes, but other than that I hobble around like an old lady.

I haven’t been struggling alone, if that’s what you’re thinking.

  • I’ve been seeing Mike at SBR Sport for a few months for massages
  • He suggested using inserts in my shoes when I’m at work, which is working to some extent
  • I got new shoes because my old ones were tired anyway
  • I’ve tried rest and I’ve tried short distances only
  • I’ve tried stretching my calf muscles before I get out of bed, and constant stretching of that leg
  • I’ve tried strength exercises.

NOTHING WORKS! I’m so freaking frustrated.

I have a good day without pain, and then the next day I feel the pain as I get out of bed! It’s driving me completely nuts!

I’ve only been able to run 10km races, and they’ve been OK. By the late afternoon I’m hobbling though, even if I carry on wearing my running shoes.

In fact, that’s the only thing that really does help… wearing running shoes. That’s not exactly corporate attire though! The one day at work, I worked at the 24 hour hackathon and wore my running shoes from the evening until the next day at lunchtime. That worked. My feet were OK even after standing for hours on end. BUT I can’t wear running shoes every day.

See this crew? Well, this isn’t the whole running crew but still. I want to run a damn marathon with them again!

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I’ve had to cancel my Cape Town marathon plans, so I’m now hoping I’ll be able to run Kaapsehoop in November instead.

I’m now trying something else. On Tuesday I’m going to see a podiatrist to see what he says. I’m not expecting a miracle, but I need a plan. Any plan will do at this stage.