One hour wasn’t enough to do it justice, but I went to the Linden market in the park with Elaine. One hour was all I had because I was due to photograph a wedding. And you know I fill my days with too many things anyway.

The market is held close to the rose gardens at Emmerentia Botanical Gardens. It really is a gorgeous setting, although entrance through to the main section of the market is silly. You had to walk in a narrow space between 2 buildings, and it really wasn’t set up properly for the many families with prams.

We got there at 9:30am before the crowds arrived. It really was probably the best time to go, although the many many food stalls looked absolutely amazing and I wasn’t hungry yet!

It wasn’t too early for a glass of champers though, so we got one of those as we walked in! I must say though, that a cup of coffee would have been incredible, but the queue at the only coffee stand was miles long… and even longer when I left!

Apart from the lack of coffee stands, I thought the market was amazing. I loved the variety of stalls. I especially loved that the market is actually pretty different to Kamersvol, because all the stall owners are local to Johannesburg.

How awesome are these paintings and cushions? Stupidly, I didn’t get their name!

My sister stopped at her friend’s shop Bosch Girl to buy a dress. I really regret not buying a few items here. I loved their dresses and tops. Although the one dress I really had my eye on wasn’t available in my size. Can you spot the pram? My 3 week old niece got to visit her very first market!

I actually saw the range of clothing a few weeks ago at The Linden Co-op, so I’ll be going there in a few days to see if they have stock.

You see, this is why I loved the market. There was plenty of space to sit, with loads of shade available. I loved the live music vibe.

How awesome are these? Get Hooked was a stall with amazing crocheted playmats and bathmats. They also sold the balls of yarn to make your own. It’s a pity they don’t have a website.

Elaine fell in love with the stuff at Button and Bear. Those scarf looking things, are for babies dribbles! Aren’t they gorgeous?

I loved the trolley covers that they had available.

Lise Lyon’s stall has the most amazing hand drawn t-shirts. The design isn’t printed onto the fabric so it’s really easy to wash (she uses a Direct-to-Garment method of printing). She only sells them at markets, but you can order t-shirts from her Facebook page. She also has a great Instagram account with the designs.

***Update*** I bought 2 t-shirts for the boys and Connor absolutely loves his dinosaur t-shirt. The fabric is so very soft… which is very important for him.

If I was going straight home after the market, I would have bought a box of these. This stall sold these amazing canele cakes. It’s a french style pastry made with rum and vanilla flavoured baked custard. It was so very delicious!


I see on Facebook that there’s already a Christmas├é┬áLinden market planned! I’ll definitely plan my day better next time and spend the morning there.