The Messi Footbubble Match set from Just Fun Kidz is a winner for most kids! The set has an amazing bubble solution that works, as well as awesome socks for you and a friend to play with.

If your child is a football fan like mine, then it’s even better! The fact that it’s all about football and it’s named after Connor’s favourite player Messi, is a surefire winner in his books. The idea behind the toy is to play football with the bubbles. You need the socks, because they allow you to kick the balloons without popping them.


The Messi Footbubble Training System

There are a variety of Messi Footbubble sets that you can buy in the shops, so you’ll be able to get a set that suits most budgets. I’ve bought a few of these sets as gifts for Connors friends.

They all come with at least one bubble solution, one bubble charger, a solution tray and a sock. And literally that’s all that’s needed for a bucket load of fun.

Connor has managed to blow enormous bubbles with the solution. He finds that the foot play with the socks works best with a medium sized bubble. He also prefers to play with it indoors or on paving. Playing on winter grass isn’t the most ideal surface with the bubbles as most of them burst. Connor took a while to get the skill right, and did watch a few YouTube videos too. Watching YouTube videos of other kids playing games is perfectly standard practise in this house!

The set I’m giving away on my blog is the Messi Footbubble Match set, and it’s the best one in the range. It includes the following:
– 4 x Messi branded socks
– 2 x soccer bubble blower
– 1 x soccer solution tray
– 1 x Messi super solution

It’s perfect to play with siblings and friends.

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