We’ve just got home from a week’s holiday to the KZN village of Zinkwazi. It was the first time we’d been to that village, and we absolutely loved it! A week definitely wasn’t enough time to spend there.

Zinkwazi is about 35km north of Ballito on the KZN coastline. It’s a tiny place with a few streets. There’s one cafe, Zinkwazi Cafe that sells a few essentials and also has makes the amazing capuccinos and hot chocolate. But that’s it in the way of retail.

We sampled a few of the eating spots while we were there, but didn’t eat at Ocean Reef hotel even though we stayed in an apartment at the hotel. Weird right? But they seemed to look panicked the few times I went to the reception and mentioned booking a table. So we didn’t bother trying.

We booked an apartment on AirBNB, and it was absolutely perfect for us. None of the houses in Zinkwazi have an open sea view because of the milkwood forest the lines the beach. What that meant was that we were protected from the hectic wind and got to hear the most amazing birds!

I only took my DSLR out on cloudy days because the good days had hectic wind. So the photos are a little gloomy I’m afraid.

The beach was accessible via an amazing forest walkway. And you ended up on this enormous quiet beach. There really weren’t very many people on that part of the beach. We spent most afternoons playing rugby and soccer on the beach.

Every day, there were pods of dolphins and families of whales that swam past us. It was such a treat to watch them play in the sea. It’s a huge pity I only took a wide angle lens with me so I couldn’t get any shots of them.

On the one rainy day, Connor and I decided to walk past the last rocks we could see. I wanted to see if I could see another town. There was nothing, apart from an enormous milkwood forest and a few farm houses at a sugar cane farm. We were also literally the only people on the beach that day.

It was an incredible walk. We saw raptors flying overhead and watched the biggest worm ever trying to inch it’s way across the beach. Because we were quiet, the crabs came out of their hidey holes and scuttles across the sand. We saw hundreds of crabs that day. It was amazing to watch the beach move like that.

This is the walkway from the apartment to the beach.

Connor had a ball! He really enjoyed every minute of our holiday.

We spent quite a lot of time at the swimming beach too. It was seriously beautiful there, and we’d really like to book one of the lagoon facing houses the next time we go there. If you’re wondering, the lagoon borders on the swimming beach and is seperated by this huge sand bank.
We also need to find a place to rent a canoe or two next time.

One of the places that we really enjoyed eating at was Proud’s Pizza. He operates from a container at the beach parking lot. The pizzas were amazing, and so well priced.  I do love supporting small local businesses.

I think next time we go, we’ll find a massive house to rent and go with friends.