I’m slowly getting back on the road. This plantar fasciitis problem is so frustrating and I feel like it’s never going to go away. But it is getting slightly better.

I’ve now had this problem for months and it really wasn’t budging. I tried so very many things to get it sorted. I’ve done physio, sports massage, bio kenetics and I’ve also seen a podiatrist. After the very expensive podiatry failure that then caused ITB, I decided that this was complete nonsense and once last push was needed before I gave up completely.

So, I joined a gym. Then I went to a bio keneticist to get the right exercises for the gym. And I tried reflexology.

Reflex and acupuncture

Michelle is a sports massage therapist who also does a whole range of alternative healing. A friend had been telling to see her for months, and I’m so glad I finally went.

The first time I saw Michelle about 2 months ago, she made me cry. I was in so much pain as she was working on my legs and feet. For the first session she did a bit of massage and a lot of reflexology and accupuncture. She does a mixture of acupuncture and dry needling depending on the injury.

Well, the moment she put that needle in my head I just had to relax. LOL! I felt like a bit of a pin cushion during the first session as she put needles in my hands, knees, shins and feet.

And the next day I woke up with no pain for the first time in 9 months!

Since then, I’ve had my ups and downs. Some weeks are better than others but on the whole the pain is slowly going away. The pain is no longer intense and I can feel it’s moved now to where the fascia meets in my heel.

Between sessions with Michelle, I’ve been religiously doing my stretches too. And when I have a bad day I am rolling my foot on an iced water bottle and sometimes using Transact patches.

New shoes

I’ve also had to buy a new shoe wardrobe. The bio and Michelle said that the shoes I wear at work and for photoshoots needed to change to support my feet more.

Turns out, proper shoes are making a huge difference!

I’ve bought Nike sneakers for weekends and especially for photoshoots. They’re a black running shoe which is good enough to wear at a function too. They’ve made a massive difference and I’m no longer hobbling after a long wedding.

My work shoes have also had to change. I’ve had to get rid of my beloved Woolies leather pumps because they have absolutely no support for my feet.

Instead, I’ve had to buy a few pairs of low heeled cushioned shoes or shoes with arch support. Woolies range like that are too wide for my feet so I’ve splurged on 3 pairs of Green Cross shoes. I’ve managed to find pairs that don’t look like granny shoes and that are narrow enough for my feet.

I cannot tell you how much of a difference that has made.

I’ve also switched my running shoes back to Brooks Ghosts. The Saucony shoes I’d bought a few months ago were just too hard… so now they’re my gym shoes.

Gym missioning

I’ve also started going to gym for cross training.

The bio got me on a program of rowing, cycling and walking. My word that’s pretty strenuous! She’s got me to do interval training on the bikes and long hectic sessions on the rowing machines.

I did that for a month while I wasn’t running at all, but I’ve changed it up now that I’m running a bit.

I either do 3km rowing in 15 minutes or 2 minute interval training on the bikes for 20 minutes as a warm-up. Then I do an arm or legs weights circuit before going on the treadmill. I always end with a lot of stretching that the bio recommended.

At some stage in the near future I’m going to have to see a trainer or another bio to get a proper program, but this seems to be working for now. I do admit that I am a little bored with what I’m doing though. Hmm maybe I should add a “months worth of gym bio kenetics session” voucher to my Christmas gift wish list!

It’s also been a great way to get the kids off the X-Box and YouTube and out of the house. They’ve been training with me at the gym… and Connor’s been loving the smoothies when we’re done.

I must tell you that if I’ve had a good gym workout, I don’t have foot pain for the whole of the following day! I’m finding the rowing to be the most effective trigger for a painless day.

Running plans

Something is working… so I’m not going to stop any of the things I’ve mentioned above. What all of this means is that I’m finally able to run.

I’ve been able to get to 10km comfortably. Although I still can’t comfortably combine a run like that with a photoshoot on the same day. But I’m hoping that I’ll get there soon.

I’ve started thinking about races again and I’ve signed up for a few. Saying that though, I think I’m going to have to take this really slowly or else I’ll be back to square one again.

So far my plans include:

  • The 8km Wigglers and Wobblers race this month. It’s such a fun race with all the hats and the beer stop. I may actually be able to convince both kids to run it too.
  • The 15km Kudus race in January through Westcliff. It’s a tough race with all those hills, but it’s a beautiful route and I really enjoy it.
  • The 21km Dischem in January… now this one worries me a bit because that last downhill is a killer for my knees. But I should be good and strong by then.

I’ve got my eyes set on a few long races later in the year, but baby steps. I need to see how these go first.

I’m really missing the long weekend runs with friends. I cannot wait to get strong enough to join them again!

See you on the road 😉