So B and his best bud E, decided to become veggies. It’s what you do when you spend time with your buddies over a very long Christmas break.

Thankfully they’ve decided to try be vegetarians and not vegans! I did try to get them to switch to pescatarian or polo-pescatarian but sadly that didn’t fly.

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m being silly, but I’m seriously not keen on preparing two meals for the family to suit this new lifestyle choice. I also don’t want to give him the veggies that go with the rest of our meal. Planning is going to be key because I’m not used to cooking like this.

At first I thought this was for the whole of 2018, but B told me this afternoon that it’s only for a month. A month I can do, and thinking about it now I’m pretty psyched about trying it with everyone.

But now the problem is to hunt for recipes that the whole family will eat.

It turns out that not many of my recipe books have vegetarian meals in them! I’m pretty surprised actually.

My latest book is the Everyday Superfood recipe book by Jamie Oliver. My sister gave it to me for Christmas. Thank goodness!

I’ve been able to find a few recipes in there that’ll work for weekday dinners and I think the whole family will eat them.

It is an issue actually. C doesn’t eat beans other than green beans, and many vegetarian meals are made with beans and other legumes. He also doesn’t eat butternut (probably because he overdosed on it as a baby)… and this is also a major problem with vegetarian meals.

So, tomorrow I have a gorgeous dish planned by Jamie Oliver… and we’ll make up the rest as we go along. Tomorrow’s dish will be spelt spaghetti with vine tomatoes and baked ricotta.

Actually, I’ve got quite a few links and recipe books to look for after I posted about this change in lifestyle on Instagram stories. I’ll be looking into those options for sure! If you can suggest anything let me know in the comments 🙂

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it’s going!