You may think that the title is strange, considering I have a photography business. However, I really feel that I need to create again.

Instead of going to gym yesterday, I took my camera out to play with free lensing again. OK, it was only for 5 minutes but still, it’s something.

I’ve just been feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. I have been procrastinating a lot (hence the blog post), but I feel like I’m stagnating.

Until a few months ago, I was also brushing up on new techniques and having fun with my camera. I’m not sure when that stopped. I do know that I’ve been incredibly busy. My day job is getting more and more demanding and I’m loving it. But that means that I have less time for myself.

And by “myself” I mean time to spend on things I enjoy doing.

I suppose at some stage my photography became just a business, and that’s really not healthy. I was in a bad state about my photography about 18 months ago and I did notice the change in the way I took photos. As a result, I made a huge effort to refocus myself.

Now that my style is back on track… I need to work on creating things for myself again.

I haven’t been on a photowalk in ages!  I haven’t got new equipment in ages too… partly because all my photography money is going to school fees! After I got a big Kelly Moore bag 18 months ago I stopped carrying my camera around because the bag was such a shlep.

But that’s no excuse.

I’m missing it.

I’m missing taking random photos of the kids. I’m missing carrying my camera everywhere I go, just in case I see something.

So, the first step was to buy a new smaller lighter camera bag that I can use everyday… more about that in another post.

And the next step was taking my camera out this week.

I’ve got a free weekend this weekend, maybe I should go for a walk by myself… with my camera.