Every year I print everyone a family calendar, and I got the calendars this week so I have to show them off! I got so many questions on Instagram when I posted them in the Stories that I’ve decided to blog about how to make them.

But first, I need to show you what this year’s family calendar looks like.

Page design

I have the same method of design every year:

  • The calendar is printed for my parents and my siblings.
  • The grandchildren are the focus of the photos chosen. Portraits of the kids are chosen for their birthday months. This year we have a lot more of the new baby in the family, but she’s so cute that it just has to get done!
  • I print the public holidays and birthdays into the relevant dates. Although, embarrassingly I’ve left out someones birthday this year! And in fact, last year I printed Bradley’s birthday on the wrong date.
  • The December photo is traditionally a photo of the kids sitting at the Christmas tree.
  • For the rest of the months, I use landscapes from our travels around the country during the year.

You’d think this would be easy considering how many photos I take every year. You see, I don’t take photos of the kids when they’re all together anymore so I have to make a point every year of setting aside a date for them.


Where to get them printed

There are 2 local companies that I would print them through:

  1. Qphoto – I use them for all my photobooks and I’ve printed all my calendars through them. I’ve been using them for about 8 years and I use their Pro range of books and calendars. They’re based in Pretoria so I order my books via their online system and these calendars arrived in 3 days via courier! Normally my books take about a week to get delivered. Qphoto is running a special at the moment using their standard software (not the Pro range)… if you use the code JANUARY2018 until 31 January 2018, you’ll get 35 % off!
  2. Orms Print Room – Their print quality is amazing.  They’re based in Cape Town and they also have an online ordering system. I haven’t used them but friends who have, have raved about the quality of the books. I’m really keen to try their calendars next year. They’re currently running a special on calendars, and you’ll get 50% off calendars if you print through them. The details are on the main page on their website.


Designing your calendar

Designing a calendar is actually so easy. I like the A3 style with 12 pages. It works for me and my family. I use the calendar to track the kids activities, holidays and tests. It’s important to me that the blocks are big enough to write in, so the A3 size works.

Both companies I’ve mentioned above have downloadable designing software.

The calendars are templates that you drag the photos into. It’s as simple as that! Once you have chosen the design you want, you are able to adjust the fonts and add extra words into the dates for holidays etc.

I prefer a simple design for calendars and books. I really don’t like clutter, so my designs tend to be very plain. However, the software does allow for fancy borders etc, if that makes you happy.

Then once you’ve designed your awesome calendar you send the designs with the images via their online tools… and viola! It’s done!



Disclaimer: I wasn’t asked to blog about this topic and the companies mentioned are not aware of my links to them.