Today was the very first Hot Legs Run.  The Hot Legs Run was hosted by Born2Run running club from St Stithians school, and was sponsored by Hot919 FM. It’s a 32km, 15km and a 5km run that starts at Higher Ground restaurant at the school and winds all over the north of Joburg.

The 32km and 15km races started at 6am, and you can tell that winter is getting closer. It was still night-time when we got there just before 5am to make sure we got parking. I took this photo at 5:37am as we were walking to the start. The skyline was really so gorgeous! I did wish that I had my proper camera on me instead of just my phone. The view from Higher Ground is quite spectacular.

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The race

Anyway, on to the race… which was the whole point of the blog post!

The race started slightly late because unlike us, a lot of people decided to arrive just before the race started so there was traffic congestion. I really don’t understand why people don’t arrive earlier. Every race in Joburg is popular now, so you know there’s going to be a problem getting to the start if you’re arriving 15 min before race time. It’s just silly to try.

I did the 15km race today. We were at St Stithians for most of the morning though, because we waited for our friends to finish their 32km races. We wanted to cheer them in. 32km is far, very far. Every person finishing it needs cheering on, as far as I’m concerned.

The race starts uphill, but you soon hit a major downhill. In fact you then run downhill for 3km. Downhill is awesome, but you know that there are uphills coming.

The 15km race is an out-and-back race. We didn’t know this (because it was the very first race) until we saw the front runners coming past us on their way back. When the front guy flew past, my heart sank a little. I was cruising down the hills at that stage. It was then I realised that we’d have to run uphill for the second half of the race!

Oh well, at that point I decided to make it a fantastic hill training session through the very long hills in Bryanston.

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I loved the race! My time wasn’t fantastic, but that’s ok. I didn’t want to hurt my foot again, so I did take it easy. Oh and I’ve been ill for a few weeks with a cold which hasn’t helped my training plans.

Next time I’m going to try the 32km run. Although I must say, I’m a little petrified after seeing the route and elevation on my friends Strava posts. They all said that the 32km was tougher than the Tough One race.

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After the race

There was so much going on after the race that we really didn’t get bored waiting for our friends to finish the longer run.

Higher Ground restaurant was open, so a lot of runners went and got food there. But the fun was happening on the field. There were musicians playing live music. It was all music that is played by the radio station, so I really enjoyed it. There were quite a few food trucks selling their wares too. Lance said the bacon and egg roll he bought from the fire engine food truck was the best ever.

There were also a few running gear stalls too, to help wile away the time. I got myself a pair of Funky Pants because I’ve been eyeing them out for months… I’ve only heard good things about the double layering on the pants that stop chafing.

Bronwynne and Karl also had a stall with their range of CWX running kit… I really do like the look of the running bras and my CWX running tights have been well worn. They are having a sale on their entire range at the moment, so pop into their online store to get new kit!

It was the perfect morning with a great race, gorgeous sunshine, good food and amazing music. What more could you want?

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All in all it was a fabulous morning spent with friends. Yes, there were a few teething problems with the race being the first one for the venue etc. However, I think Carmel and team did an incredible job putting the whole thing together.

We’ll definitely be back next year to conquer those hills!