I went to Kamersvol at St Davids Marist yesterday with my sister and mom. It was soooo full! I’ve never seen the Kamersvol market so busy, and you know by now that I go every time it’s in Joburg.

The school was such an amazing setting for the market. I loved that all the classrooms were surrounding a gorgeous quad with loads of places to sit under trees.

We got there at 11am, and I only got home at 4pm. It’s definitely the longest I’ve ever spent at the market and I didn’t see everything. I didn’t see everything because we spent quite a lot of time sipping champagne and chilling on the grass with little Emma, while eating the amazing cheese platter.

I was really hungry when we got there, as I’d only eaten before the half marathon I’d run earlier in the morning. As a result, we chose the stall with the shortest queue to get lunch. That happened to be a stall that sold freshly made salads, milkshakes, quiches and the most amazing cheese platters. It was such a great idea! Next time I go to a market I’m going to do the same thing. I normally get a burger or fancy fish etc, but the cheese, pates and bread were just perfect for pairing with our Saltare champagne.

There were 3 floors of rooms filled with awesome goodies. I did see quite a lot of things that I’d never seen before. The only issue was Elaine couldn’t get to the top floors with all the adult clothing because we couldn’t get the pram up there. So we had to tag team a bit so she could see a few shops up there.  Next time we’ll have to remember not to take a pram.

If you’re wanting to buy me a gift, I really really really like these drawings of Joburg architecture! I eye them out at every market. My favourites from the Cityness Joburg range are Hillbrow Tower, Ponte City and Old Park Halt Station. The Cape Town range is really incredible too!

Elaine and I really loved the tassel earrings at Nina Bosch porcelain jewellery.

I bought some of this Naturals Beauty range to try. It’s completely natural and smells divine. You can buy the range from Wellness Warehouse which is really handy.

This Foundri jewellery fascinates me. The leaves are casts from actual leaves!

I absolutely loved the chokers that Shauna Neill had available this weekend! I may have bought one 😉

I really did love the earrings that Mary Jean displayed! The geometric shapes were just up my alley.

It was such an amazing day out again. The market really cleared out quickly after lunch so the afternoon was so much quieter and easier to get around and browse.

If you haven’t been yet, Kamersvol at St Davids Marist in Sandton is on until Sunday.