Dear blog, it’s been a month since I blogged about running. I’m happy to report that I’m getting back into running again.

I haven’t been consistent at it because of late meetings at work, but I’m running. Most importantly, I’m running without pain!

No pain in my feet anymore

Can you abso-freaking-lutely believe it? I haven’t run without pain in 15 months!

There have been a few marked changes that have made the world of difference:

  1. Michelle (the reflexologist I go to) has taught me how to strap my foot every time I run. It’s made such an enormous difference! I no longer hobble when I get out of bed in the morning. I no longer hobble in the afternoons after a long run. In fact, I’m no longer running in any pain!
  2. I’ve put planta fasciitis inserts into the Nike running shoes I wear for photoshoots.
  3. I only wear Green Cross shoes at work.
  4. I never wear flip flops.

Do you think I can whisper it yet? I think I’ve got to the end of my plantar fasciitis woes.

Slowest 21km ever

Even though I hadn’t run more than 12km in the lead up to the Cradle of Humankind race last Friday, I was determined to run the 21km.

After running 12km on the Sunday before the race, I felt good. I even did a shoot in the afternoon with a lot of walking and didn’t have pain in my feet. It was time to test myself.

I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. However, the Cradle race is one of my favourite races of the year. I love the open spaces and the lack of huge hills. My best part though is spotting the animals as you run past the Lion and Rhino Reserve. That didn’t disappoint! I saw lionesses, a white tiger, a few giraffe and even a monkey playing in trees above my head.

It really is quite a special race.

It wasn’t the fastest 21km I’ve done. In fact, it was one of the slowest. But I enjoyed every minute of it. I took quite a few walk breaks, so I took advantage and took a few photos. Of course I took photos! I was absolutely exhausted at the end… mostly due to my lack of training.

But again, no pain!

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Training for the next goal

My next major goal is the Cape Town Marathon in September. Then after that, my friend Sonja has nearly convinced me to run the Kaapsehoop marathon in November. The thought of 2 marathons this year is extremely daunting though.

September is starting to be really real in my head. Plus it looks like I may be booked for a family photoshoot while I’m there, so I really can’t back down then!

I think I can do it.

I know what I have to do. I’ve done it before. Only once, but I’ve done it so I can really do it again.

This week I started with my training. It’s really not easy with my meetings at the moment, but I’m going to have to find a way that’s sustainable.

Tonight, being Friday night, was spent on the stationery bikes and then I did loads of lunges, bridging and other glute exercises. This time I’m going to try and be clever and get the cross training going early!

Anyhoo, wish me luck! I’ll see you on the road.