Long time no speak dear blog readers. 

My heart is very sore today so I felt the need to write. Most of Kitara’s life story is on my blog, so it’s only fitting that I write about her here and not on Facebook or as a video on Instagram Stories.

Today we are saying goodbye to my beautiful baby girl.

She’s nearly 9 years old, which isn’t old for a husky but looking back on my blog she’s been struggling since 2013. 

It’s been coming for a long time, and I can’t really put it off for any longer.

She’s in a lot of pain constantly. She’s been on daily anti-inflammatories for a few years and last year I started taking her for pain injections every few weeks as well. A month ago we added another tablet to the arsenal and nothing is really working anymore.

She’s no longer happy. She sits and randomly whines until someone goes to give her some love. She has a really sad look in her eyes now and she’s lost a lot of weight. She can’t go up steps at all, so she’s really stuck around the house. Lance had to carry her inside on Friday evening when she got stuck in the rain. 

I was going through old blog posts this morning, and she used to be so happy and bouncy. 

It’s time.

Rest easy baby girl.

Your brother Kimo is going to miss you so very much. We are all heartbroken.

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