There’s nothing better than spending a morning at a beautiful market with family and wandering around with a glass of champagne. I went to Kamers autumn market this morning with my sister and mom.

I’ve been to almost all of the Kamers markets, and I cannot get enough of them. I love that every time I go I see new things to buy, yet my favourites are always there.

This year I was really good. Apart from coffee, champagne and sushi, I only bought a few trinket bowls and a winter top from Michelle Ludek .

Thankfully Emma is old enough to walk around now, although she got tired so Elaine’s back carrier was put to good use. We remembered that prams are pretty useless at this market because of all the staircases at the school.

Emma loved shopping and the highlight was granny buying her bunny bag. She absolutely loved her bag and filled it with champagne corks from Saltare.

Things I liked at this market:

  1. The Consol bottle you got at the entrance to fill with purified water as you walked around.
  2. The layout this year was much nicer than last year and flowed better.
  3. I liked that the jewellery stands were added to all the rooms with ladies clothing. It meant that you didn’t get overwhelmed with rows of similar items.
  4. There were a lot more rooms with menswear and other things aimed at men. Really awesome to see for a change.
  5. Get there early before the crowds. We got there at 9am as they opened, and it was perfect!

Gosh my boys would have loved this playmat when they were younger.

Of course I headed for Michelle Ludek’s stand. I could have bought a fortune’s worth of stuff from her for my winter wardrobe, but managed to get away with only one item. I’m going to have to visit her Rosebank store soon to get a few more pieces.

I eye out these pieces from Pure Porcelain every year! The earrings look gorgeous, and they also sell stunning porcelain flowers to put on the ends of diffuser sticks.

I bought 2 little trinket bowls from Andre du Toit.

I was fascinated with this range. The leather jackets are made from recycled leather pants! They are the softest jackets I’ve ever seen. So beautiful!

Now this is another brand I ogle at every year. I absolutely love Hannah Lavery‘s stuff. I’m planning a slow change to my wardrobe, so these beautiful long shirts would have been perfect for the new me.

This brand has a new shop in town! I need to visit them too! Heart and Heritage has opened at Delta Cafe.

What a fabulous morning! Kamers is open until 1 May, so there’s definitely something for you to do on the public holiday!