So today must be lockdown Day 35, because tomorrow is the start of level 4 and according to the latest news we’ll be able to go for walks and runs again in the neighbourhood. We’ve gone from mid-summer to what feels like mid-winter during lockdown.

When we started the lockdown, we were wearing sleeveless tops and shorts. It’s freezing now! We’re in the midst of the first cold spell signalling the start of winter. We’re wearing long sleeves and layers now, and I even wore a long running top to do my garden dash last night. It’s not unusual for a freezing spell at this time of the year, but it just feels so odd.

As I drove to work yesterday, I was looking at the red and orange trees lining the streets and felt sad. I love autumn trees and my garden doesn’t really have them. I’ve missed out on running through the autumn streets and walking in the parks. I’m quite sad that I haven’t had photoshoots under the autumn trees this year.

The silver birch trees in my garden have lost their leaves completely. The berries in the garden are looking amazing and the strelitzias and aloes are flowering. It’s a sure sign of winter in my garden.

It feels like we’ve lost a chunk of time during this lockdown period.

It feels like we’re going to be emerging from this lockdown into another space and time.

It’s such a weird feeling, because I’ve been busy and working and doing things at home. I can account for every single day. I’ve also been driving to work most days, so it’s like I just haven’t noticed the changes happening. Maybe it’s because I’ve just been focussed on getting through the changes happening on any particular day and the thought of what was happening further that what I could handle was just too much. I do know I’ve been very pre-occupied with the here and now. Maybe that’s why I didn’t notice and enjoy the changes happening in nature.

It feels like I’ve missing out on a huge chunk of time.

Am I the only one that feels this way?