I’m really missing running on the road. Real running. Running around a garden is worse than treadmill running.

If you’re reading this from outside South Africa, you’re probably going to be shaking your head reading this post. As an explanation, while we’re in lockdown in South Africa we’ve been restricted to our houses completely. OK, we’ll allowed to leave for food and essentials (and I drive to work because I work in a bank which is deemed essential) but not for anything else. We cannot walk our dogs or go for a walk or run on our own.

So because runners need to run, we’re running in circles around our gardens. This is what my 2 to 3km run looks like. Yes, so many lines and squiggles for such a tiny distance. Isn’t it crazy?

It’s awful running like this, but at least I have the space to do it right? I suppose I’d better count my blessings. There are many people who are not able to do this.

There are also many people who are running marathons in their gardens! I couldn’t think of anything worse. One guy last weekend ran the Comrades distance in his garden, and another guy did a whole iron man last weekend in his garden and pool in the rain!

In fact, Buks van Heerden is running the Two Oceans distance in his garden tomorrow (that’s 58km) and raising money for Rainbows and Smiles.

I haven’t managed to run past 3km yet, and I’m not sure I want to try. I make up my 30 minutes of exercise by doing a class on the Virgin Active app or on their Facebook/Instagram profiles, or I skip.

I’ve worked out that the best method is to set my watch to an indoor treadmill run to get a more accurate pace and distance measurement. The GPS cannot cope with the building and short distances if you set it to a run. Because I’m not running on the road, I’m also able to wear earphones and blast awesome music while I run which is taking a bit of the edge off.

But OMW, it seems desperate to do this doesn’t it?

The exercise is so crucial to help with coping with this pandemic and the lockdown. I feel I need it. If I don’t exercise I’m very cranky. I’m listening to my leadership coach too and I’ve started doing meditation in the mornings. That’s also helping.

The president’s speech last night where he spoke about the extension of the lockdown sent us into a spin again. I must say I feel pretty numb right now actually. My head isn’t wanting to fathom another 2 weeks, but we’ve already been doing this for 2 weeks so I’ll just have to get over myself and do it.

I just want to take Kimo for a walk and go for a proper jog down the road. I’d love B and C to be able to run down the road too just to get out of the house for a bit. They’ve been locked in for weeks now. I don’t even care about the fact that I can’t buy my wine anymore, I just want a bit of freedom. I was really hoping he’d relax the lockdown slightly.

So tomorrow, instead of a beautiful solo run in the open space I’ll be dressing in my running kit to face the day. Hopefully that will entice me to actually run the 2km squiggles in the garden at some stage during the day between the endless cycles of cooking and cleaning.