There are so many stories of companies pivoting to rebuild their businesses in the new post-corona market. So what should I do? Pivot to what?

I’ve been so impressed with this week’s pivots

Here are some of the business pivots I’ve spotted this week…

  • The number of psychologists and therapists that have moved their business to virtual consultations. Now this one was an obvious one to me, but I’m so glad they have been able to carry on with their businesses during the lockdown.
  • Bottles App
    This company was solely an alcohol delivery service until this week. With the lockdown stopping all sales of alcohol, this company thought out the box. Within a few days they had sorted out a partnership with PicknPay and now you can get all your grocery deliveries via their app! How cool is this?! All their drivers and staff keep their jobs and they get to build a new business and help PnP because their current online delivery facility is not coping with the volume.
  • Richard Wright (motivational speaker and cancer survivor):
    I bumped into Richard at the Boskruin Butchery last week and during our chat with the butcher about how businesses have changed during lockdown, he was telling us how all his events he’d booked had been cancelled or postponed. It wasn’t very uplifting but he seemed upbeat on that day. And then I spotted a post by Mike Stopforth yesterday saying how Rich has pivoted his business! He’s launched the Enrichment Project and is providing video support, encouraging and motivation to teams via video conferencing. He basically joins you in your online team meetings. How clever is that?! It’s just what most businesses need at the moment with the change to the way we work

How should I pivot?

This has been on my mind since we started with social distancing and my photography business basically came to a grinding halt. I’m getting a few enquiries again as people are starting to think about life beyond the lockdown, but nothing is certain and I haven’t finalised a booking. Not that I can, who knows when we’ll be able to get past this.

But, I need to think about what’s next. How can I change my business to make it less reliant on people when I take photos of people?

I only do this on weekends so to change to product photography is not only expensive (I’d need more equipment), but most businesses only book these things for weekdays. Corporate portraits are great money spinners but again, that’s weekdays.

Could I change to fine art photography? Sell prints? Of what? I don’t travel a hell of a lot anymore. Plants in my garden? There’s actually a few accounts in the UK that do this phenomenally. Maybe I should try.

What else could I try? Or do I just pivot other parts of my life and career so that I shut it down and just take photos for me?