We are missing out on so many things at the moment. If you scour through social media this week, the talk of the town is what you’re going to do when we get out of this.

I don’t actually even know how many days we’ve been in lockdown now. I stopped counting about a week ago. Could be 25 or 26 days. What’s the point in knowing at this stage?

All I know is I’m petrified to get excited about seeing the end of it.

What if they extend it again? How will they lift it? Surely they can’t just open the flood gates at once? What freedoms will they give back to us, and what will they deem is unsafe? These are all the questions plaguing me today. Surely I’m not alone in this?

It’s driving me a little dilly actually. I’m too scared to think about the impact if this carries on. Yes, I get it. It’s safer for our health to be in lockdown. But it’s also safer for my pocket to end it! And I can see from what’s going on around me, that I’m not the only one feeling that.

It’s damn scary hearing about the retrenchments and massive pay cuts going on, and wondering when you and the ones close to you will be affected and by how much. I no longer think it’s “if”, it’s “when”. I really hope I’m wrong.

Anyway, I’d rather think about nicer happier things.

10 things I’m looking forward to

These are the 10 things I’ll be clamouring to do when lockdown is over:

  1. Take Kimo for a walk. He’s so depressed. We’ve got him anti-anxiety tabs for days when he just isn’t coping, but still, he needs a walk. I feel that he’s aged in the last 4 weeks. He’s definitely enjoying us being around all the time, but he’s just sad.
  2. Visit my parents and give them the biggest hugs ever! OMW I’m missing seeing them all the time!
  3. See Elaine, Bryan and the girls and give the girls the biggest cuddle ever! OMW we’ve missed out on so much with them being so little. Katie is almost 9 weeks old already and from the looks of the videos we’re getting she’s changed so much since we last saw her.
  4. Go for a run on the road either alone or with the small Vikings running crew… the actual road. The garden circles are driving me dilly although I’ve discovered that skipping is awesome. I’m definitely going to continue with skipping after this is over. I’m not however, going to be rushing back to massive club runs. The thought of all those people at the start and end give me the heebie-jeebies right now.
  5. Have a haircut. In fact, if lockdown is extended I’m shaving my hair off. It’s a done deal. I can’t handle it anymore.
  6. Take the kids to visit their friends. C hasn’t left the house at all since school ended, so that’s about 6 weeks ago I think.
  7. Have some coffee at Seattle or Vida or any little coffee shop actually. Just a takeaway… that’s all I need. Social distancing and all that will stay in place, I just want a good cappuccino.
  8. Take a walk in a park. I mean I love my garden and I’m really thankful right now that it’s not tiny, but a different environment would be amazing
  9. Have a meal that I don’t have to cook!
  10. Buy a bottle of good red wine! And then have a braai with friends and drink a bottle of wine with them! It’s one thing meeting up with friends on WhatsApp, Zoom and HouseParty but nothing beats a face-to-face chat!

So what’s on your list?