Have you noticed the change? Even though we’re still in level 4, there’s an energy around. The city is starting to wake up.

There are way more cars on the road now. At the beginning of lockdown, I was virtually alone when I was driving to work and back every day. Now that’s not the case. Listen, it’s not busy yet but there’s been a definitely uptick in the number of cars every week.

I started thinking yesterday on my (shorter) trip that although I complain a lot about this lockdown, there are a few things that I’m going to miss when life gets busy again.

I’m not saying when life gets back to normal anymore, because I don’t believe it’ll be same as it was BC (before Corona) for a very long time… if ever. I do think it’s been a long enough time in this weird limbo state for people to make some changes to their lifestyles that are going to last for a very long time and that’s not altogether a bad thing.

5 things I’m going to miss

  1. Empty roads. This has to be on my list. I’ve really enjoyed having a 25 minute trip to work instead of the sometimes 2 hour slog in peak traffic. It’s been amazing to leave work at roughly the same time, get home quickly and be able to relax. Plus I get to make an awesome meal instead of rushing with the quickest food idea.
  2. Getting up late! I’m getting up an hour later and I still have time to run before driving to work. This will change as soon as the kids go back to school, even if the rest of SA still works from home. It’s amazing to wake up when it’s not pitch black in winter and I’m able to run with short sleeves because the worst of the night chill has passed. I’m dreading running in the dark again.
  3. Working from home without any guilt. I go into the office most days, but I do love that it’s accepted that I can work from home when I need to. Yes, I actually had this before lockdown but there was still an element of guilt about doing it.
  4. Wearing casual weekend clothes and activewear every day. Again, although the office has relaxed the dress code…. dressing for my day at the moment includes active tights and proper takkies (not just fancy sneakers) when I feel like it (like today). It’s not like anyone will see us in the office. There are a handful of teams actually working from the office, so no-one is bothered. Although it is already changing, there was a guy this morning on the escalators in a full suit.
  5. Space! This is a big one for me. I’ve always hated people standing in my bubble, especially in a queue. I have no shame in telling people off now if they’re too close to me. I’m very vocal and glare at them too. I love the queues with the lines and bubbles telling you where to stand… they can stay forever as far as I’m concerned.

Am I alone in this? What will you miss after lockdown?