I was sent a pack of Uno and Dos to review and we spent time this weekend playing both games. Both card games were loads of fun to play with.

I mean, most people know Uno right? So we know that game is fun. In fact, Connor’s school is doing a physical exercise game with Uno cards during PE lessons at the moment. I’m not actually sure how they do it, it’s something about doing something when a colour or number gets held up. Sounds like a fun way to keep separate and active during Covid school times.

But Dos is another story. We’d never played with this game before. Reading the instructions made it seem complicated but the kids enjoyed it so much that they played a few games of it.

Dos is similar to Uno, in that the aim is to get rid of your cards. However, instead of matching on colour, it’s all about the numbers. If you can’t match the number, you place two cards that add up to the number. It would be a great game to learn maths with actually. In the first game they played, Leigh placed a 1 early on in the game which caused a lot of laughter… there’s not much you can do with a one.

For a family used to the way Uno works, Dos is a great addition to a card game collection.

The card games were a perfect way to get the kids chatting again, and not glued to a device of some sort. It’s generally an impossible task getting the teens away from the Xbox and mobiles.

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