I’m writing this on the last day of lockdown level 3. At midnight tonight we switch to level 2, and I still haven’t written about how my running in lockdown has been going!

Anyhoo, tonight is the night that happens. I’ve learnt during lockdown that stressing out over a minor thing is really not worthwhile. And the fact that I’m only writing about this now is minor in the grander scheme of things.

Until now, the running clubs have been closed. Since lockdown level 4 though we have been able to run on the road, and we were able to run with friends sometime in lockdown level 3. For the last month or so in lockdown level 3, we’ve been venturing further away from home and not sticking to the roads around our home. Ever since we’ve been able to run with friends, we’ve been running in small groups on weekends too.

Running in the Cradle

On Saturdays we’ve been running on the open roads in the Cradle of Humankind. We’ve met up with a small bunch of runners (our small “Vikings” club and a few Harriers runners), and we run from 15km upwards.Well, I’ve been running 15km and the rest have been running further.

We meet at a coffee shop in the Cradle that isn’t as busy as the Bidon hub that all the cyclists use and that works perfectly for us. We all prefer the quieter venue without hoardes of people milling around.

When we’re done with our runs, we get the most amazing cappuccinos and breakfast bun with toasted rolls and egg and bacon and sit on our picnic blankets under the trees away from the tables. It’s perfect for social distancing… and we get amazing food too! What could be better?

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I love that there’s space. I love that I’m not in the suburbs. I love that I feel safe enough to run because there are so many cyclists and runners around me. I love that I can spot cheetah, giraffe and the odd warthog family as we run past the Rhino and Lion Reserve.

It’s the perfect outing to start the weekend.

I do have to tell you a funny story though, related to the header photo on the post. A few weeks ago, as we were heading past Bidon a photographer ran across the road and took photos of us as we ran past him. That night, Alfred got hold of me via DM on Instagram and said that it was him and sent me the photos he took.

Now bear in mind, we’re doing the proper thing for Covid and running with buffs and masks. It’s really not easy to recognise anyone when you can really only see their eyes, and their running style and body shape is really the only thing that gives them away. I was absolutely blown away that he recognised me in the middle of nowhere! Isn’t that amazing?! So I actually have photos of me running in the Cradle! It’s truly so special that I’ve got some photos for my own memories.

Not missing club runs at the moment

And you know what? I’m not actually missing the club runs. Before this Covid mess we were running with RunZone on weekends and some weekends there were about 400 runners that started with us. I’m not interested in doing that anymore. It doesn’t feel like a good idea for the foreseeable future.

I don’t think I’m even going to venture into a big organised run like that until next year. I’m quite happy that races have stopped unless you count the random virtual races you can sign up for.

I’m actually loving being able to run on my own (or with Karen) with the dog in the mornings before starting work. That never happened pre-Covid. I’ve only ever been able to run in the evenings during the week after rushing through the traffic to get to a club run.

This particular change in lifestyle has been a good one.

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I’m OK with some of the changes that Covid has brought to my life. This is one of the good ones.

Featured photo by Alfred Photography