By now you’ve heard the saying “hiking is the new banana bread” right? It seems like every second person I follow online has taken up hiking on weekends… or rather they did until the restaurants opened properly this week. It’s actually going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks on hiking trails. Will that trend become the norm or fade away like baking banana bread in level 5 did?

Last weekend we met up with Nic at Kings Kloof trails close to Krugersdorp. He’s been running there on Sundays with Jonathan, so we decided to join them. The kids came along even though it was earlier than their usual wake up time on weekends and went hiking on the trails.

We ran, and I loved it!

I was a little sceptical about my ability to do trail running before now. I’m not the most stable person on my feet and I tend to trip on flat roads! Now I’m trying to negotiate rocky single tracks and loose stones. It’s a bit of a recipe for a disaster.

I managed though. I only nearly fell once. Stupidly and typically for me, my fall came soon after I’d run down a technical hill while I was on a straight wide path in a forest area! Go figure.

Forest on Kings Kloof trails
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Kings Kloof has a few trails ranging from 6km to 24km. I did the blue 10km route the first weekend, which was about 12km in the end. The views were gorgeous, and it wasn’t too tricky. The guys did the long 24km Red route and said the views were magnificent from the top of the ridge. I’m really not ready for a long trail run like that, but I could have gone further than I did.

Kings Kloof dam
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If you’re wondering about crowd control and Covid, we went early. I think the answer is to get there early. You do pay an entry fee. Although there were a lot of people on the trails, we didn’t feel it was crowded at all. Everyone we passed put on their masks as we ran past, so that was all good too. The only spot that had a few people was at the waterfall… but that’s understandable.

I waited for everyone else to finish on the grass on the edge of the dam after my run. The odd looking building (they could make that a little nicer to be honest) has a few stores where you can get awesome cappuccinos, freshly squeezed orange juice, cold drinks, burgers and breakfast rolls. C was thrilled that they had rib burgers available.

So for us, hiking won’t be a thing, we’ll be doing trail running from now on.

I just need to find some shoes now! My word trail shoes are expensive! My old running shoes will have to do for a while, but I need to start hunting for proper kit if we’re going to be doing this often.