Now this is a fun game! I was sent Mattel’s Pictionary Air to review and we’ve had so much fun with this gaming device. Yes, I’ve said device because this is not your average Pictionary board game that we all know.

Playing Pictionary Air

In the box you get a Pictionary Air wand, easy to follow instructions and a box of cards with the usual Pictionary type words.

The whole premise of the game is that you draw the picture in the air, which is uber funny because you can’t actually see what you’re drawing yourself. Everyone else can see the photo you draw on the device they’ve connected to the wand! It’s so so funny to play this way.

I actually think it’s awesome that you don’t have to be a particularly good artist because it’s not on paper. It levels the playing field for someone like me, that struggled to draw a stick figure! Some of the words in the pack are really tricky to draw, and that made it even funnier.

Playing Pictionary Air

You download the Pictionary Air app on your phone, and connect it to the wand. Then you are able to play the game from your phone. You can also cast it to a smart TV, but our TV is really old so we don’t have that option. It worked just fine playing on our phones.

The only thing is that all players with a phone have to be on the ball and switch between players and teams at the same time or else the scoring is not accurate. We’ve found it’s easier to make one person the scorer, so that we all didn’t have to keep track.

The App allows you to record the game, which is great for bribing people at a later date! LOL!

Pictionary Air retails at R499, and yes it’s slightly pricier than ordinary board games, but it’s well worth it. Highly recommend this to be added to Christmas gifts this year!

Pictionary Air wand in the box