Author: Jenty

Dishes 313/365

03.05.2013 6:22pm We made stirfry for supper last night, and Connor refused to eat it unless he had chopsticks.  So I went hunting for them before I got home, and TG found some! He was thrilled and insisted on washing...

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On my bed 312/365

02.05.2013 8pm The best part about coming home after a trip… sleeping in your own bed 🙂 Connor loves snuggling in our bed, and would much rather sleep with us than in his own bed. Speaking of beds… do you use winter...

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Tunnelling emotion 311/365

01.05.2013 3:40pm I took this at the barmi portrait shoot I did yesterday at Wanderers.  I used the players tunnel for some of the photos.  It struck me how much emotion these tunnels have seen… from the hope and elation...

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I’m Jeanette, known as Jenty online. Mom to 2 teenagers. Also a coffee loving, wine drinking, storytelling photographer who happens to run a bit.

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