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One day with my new hair

After only one day… 1. I need a new wardrobe, because my clothes don’t suit my style anymore.  In fact, I even wore a necklace today with my dress (and btw the colour is gorgeous when I wear purple!) 2. I went to a...

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A little randomness

You all know I like random… so this blog challenge from Female2Female is right up my alley! If I could work half day I would In my kitchen cupboard is Kelloggs frosties, tinned salmon, lemon cream biscuits, soya sauce and...

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Not quite an answer

I went to my long awaited dermatologist’s appointment this morning… and all I know for certain is that I’m going to be going to the loo a lot in the next 6 months. He’s put me on a diuretic which is...

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Short hair here I come

I’ve decided to cut it, and now that I have… Lance (who has ALWAYS wanted me to cut it short again) reckons I should leave it for a few months because he thinks I’ll look worse because my hair is so thin. But...

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I’m Jeanette, known as Jenty online. Mom to 2 teenagers. Also a coffee loving, wine drinking, storytelling photographer who happens to run a bit.

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