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Win 2 tickets to ArtMode Cape Town in Feb

Are you going to be in Cape Town on 25 Feb? Well, if you are, then you’d be able to win tickets to attend the 5th ArtMode event in Cape Town… I’m pretty bleak that I can’t experience it myself! ArtMode is...

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Life is too short to not be awesome

This video is vintage internet already… but I was at the boys school this morning to watch Connor get a weekly merit (how awesome is that?! He got a merit for being a Maths superstar) and the one class played this video at...

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To like schools Facebook pages or not

The boys school started a Facebook page a few months ago, and I wasn’t keen on the idea at all. I do understand that it’s great marketing for the school, and they really probably need it to get new kids in the...

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I got a Liebster award

Woot! I haven’t received an award in ages 🙂 and I’ve seen this being shared for ages, it’s great to be able to take part. Charlotte at The Stiletto Mom nominated me for this. Liebster Award Rules: Thank and...

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Keeping the kids busy

I’m not sure what the worst part of these stupid Eskom power cuts are? the horrendous traffic the pile of unedited photos that have to wait trying to work out what to cook… thankfully this isn’t too much pain...

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