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Had enough of myself

This is crazy.  I have to snap out of this funk I find myself in. I’ve lost the positive attitude I’ve always had, and I find myself wanting to cry all the time, and in fact, I do.  I’ve received quite a few...

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A few thoughts from today

If I could work from home, I would do so at the drop of a hat.  Seriously. I know I can’t do that with my office job all the time, but today, I decided that I really didn’t need to be in the office.  Ididn’t...

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On days like today…

… I wish I did photography full time.  I got asked this morning, by a client, when I’m going to take the plunge… and the truth is I’m not ready.  It’s a scary thought, and I’m not sure...

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It’s a relief

It’s been a week since my role changed and I moved to a different company within the group, and I feel like a different person. It’s the smallest detail that’s made the most difference.   OK, I’m not...

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Sometimes I doubt myself too much

Hehe, I know that statement does not come as a surprise to most of my more regular blog readers, but that’s how I feel today… I’ve been doing social media presentations around the country in the last few weeks...

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Outta sight

It never ceases to amaze me, that some people forget the skills that others have just because they’re not in everyones faces all the time! I was asked today whether I could be an ally because I understand the business and...

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Why oh why?!

I have no idea why I insist on opening my work email from home!! Oh yes, tonight it was because I’d seen an email from a friend just before I shut down but it was too late to open it. Ho hum! It could really have waited...

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Market rollercoaster rides

OMW, it’s interesting working in financial services at the moment.  LOL!  Never a dull moment. I’ve been through a bad market before, but the last time I was a bit “green” about it all.  And this one...

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I’m Jeanette, known as Jenty online. Mom to 2 teenagers. Also a coffee loving, wine drinking, storytelling photographer who happens to run a bit.

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